Give your child the best start to passing the 11 + exam

Our experienced teachers have amazing success in helping children to pass the 11 + exam

A1 Tuition run the following courses:

  • 11 plus foundation - Year 4
  • 11 plus preparation - Year 5
  • 11 plus mock exams - Year 5

At A1 Tuition, we strongly recommend that your child starts their tuition as early as possible as we have found a distinct difference in those children who start with us in year 3 compared to those who start in year 5.

We have a special approach to teaching vocabulary and spelling, enabling your child to attain a high level of vocabulary knowledge. This is extremely important as the basis of the verbal reasoning exam is to specifically test your child on this subject.

The 11 + application process can vary between schools and this can make the process quite daunting for parents who are new to the process, we can help you with advice on suitable schools based on your child's needs.

Your child is continually assessed during the teaching process throughout the year.

We offer you a very competitive service, which includes our fees and all your children's text books, resources, equipment, past exam papers, homework diary and reports, as well as access to our experienced team of tutors.

Verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning are not part of the national curriculum, and therefore are not taught in most schools. It is important that any pupil attempting the 11 plus examination has a good understanding of the concepts of these two subjects.

The eleven plus examination consists of two examinations each lasting approximately 45 minutes, testing the above components in a series of individually timed sections. A majority of the questions will be multiple choice testing the aptitude of the child and the ability to work accurately under timed conditions.

Our success rate speaks for itself. Last year 84% percent of children that made use of our tuition service secured a place in a Grammar School.

Success rates are considerably higher for those children who start their education early compared to those that start later on.

Your child will develop skills and confidence in Maths and English that will give them the best possible head start in life.

Register your child now for the 11 plus course.

We are currently offering free registration and assessment for a limited time only, this is on a first come first served basis.