Give your child the confidence to excel at school

Give your child the chance to achieve and exceed their potential with A1 Tuition in the Luton area.

As a parent, you have the choice to offer private tuition for your child, to give them an increased chance of obtaining higher grades, or to help them catch up with their peers if they have missed school or college.

The benefits of having private tuition from A1 Tuition Centre

We are well established and offer a competitive service to prepare children for entry into State, Grammar and Independent Schools. Your child will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience with the entry examination system.

All our teachers are highly qualified having vast experience in both Grammar and Independent Private School systems. All of our teachers are trained to use our unique and very successful teaching system.

We teach all four subjects - Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, ensuring that pupils are fully prepared for entrance examinations into any State Grammar and Private Schools.

English - Tuition Centre, we start with important fundamentals in Literacy and cover the following topics:
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Handwriting
  • Shakespeare
  • Anthology
  • Literature
  • Language
  • Punctuation
  • Creative writing


At A1 Tuition Centre we tutor students of all levels starting from Keys Stage 2 to Key Stage 4. Our tutors provide high quality tuition in all aspects of the curriculum to make sure your child gets a better understanding of science and develop their knowledge of the syllabus.

We teach in accordance to the national curriculum, covering all exam boards when it comes to exams.

Key stage 2:

  • Plants
  • Food chains
  • Plant life cycles
  • Skeletons and muscles
  • Solids, liquids, and gases
  • Heat
  • Earth, Sun and Moon
  • Magnets 

Key stage 3:

  • Life processes, cells, health, variation and classification, feeding relationships
  • Solids, liquids and gases, periodic table, pH scale for acids, bases and alkalis
    Energy, forces, electric currents and magnetism
  • Rock types, astronomy, and the environment 

Key Stage 4 / GCSE:


  • Diet and exercise, defending against infection
  • The nervous system, control in the human body, control in plants
  • Drugs
  • Adaptations, environmental change
  • Food chains, energy, biomass and carbon cycles
  • Genetic variation and its control
  • Theories of evolution


  • Atoms, the periodic table, chemical reactions
  • Limestone and building materials
  • Metals and their uses
  • Crude oil and fuels
  • Alkenes, polymers and ethanol
  • Plant oils and their uses
  • Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere


  • Energy transfer by heating, buildings
  • Energy transfers and efficiency, electrical appliances
  • Generating electricity
  • General properties of waves, sound and light
  • Origins of the Universe


At A1 Tuition Centre we know that Maths forms a very important part of the National Curriculum and plays a key role in each child’s development; therefore we try & help develop a strong foundation of the subject with each of our students.

Mathematics has always been challenging for many children, whether it is simple addition at KS2, introductory algebra at KS3 or complex trigonometry at GCSE, we aim to help children face up to and succeed at Maths, simple as that.

We teach in accordance to the National Curriculum, covering all exam boards when it comes to exams.
The tutoring will be tailored to each child’s needs and our tutors make sure that the children achieve their fullest potential.

English, Maths & Science

For Key stage 1,2,3,4 (GCSEs), AS & A-Levels

Why A1 Tuition?
  • We offer an effective and innovative approach to learning
  • The methods taught at A1 Tuition Centre can make learning easy and enjoyable
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors with a friendly approach
  • Enhanced CRB police checked tutors
  • Small group learning environment so each student can receive individual attention and assistance

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